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How do I take stats?
Easy, once you have set up the app with all info & you set up a game
Just press the players number then the stat – when calling a game never say the players name, always the jumper number first then the stat
E.g. – 1 kick, 3 hand ball, 5 kick, 7 mark

Is the app accurate?
100% but It is only as accurate as the person who is taking the stats

Can I record opposition stats?
Yes – not as an individual but as a team
We recommend that you record Hit Outs, Centre Clearance, Inside 50 & Tackles.
They are important indicators when analysing a game

Can I enter finals as well as the regular season?
The app is not limited to regular seasons. Finals and pre-season games can be entered,
If you have 18 games per season – the first final will be round 19
If doing a pre-season game or practice match press new season before round one

Can I take stats for more than one team at the club?
Yes you just need to have all players in the reserves & seniors register in the players setup

How many people does it take to use this app?
We recommend 2 people, however as the stats recorder becomes more proficient in their keyboard skills as the season progresses, one operator may be sufficient.

Why do I need to change the quarters?
By changing the quarters at every break it will put the stats in right columns for the player reports

Can I change player numbers?
Player numbers can be changed.
For some reason if you bring in a new payer that has the same jumper number as a previous player you may need to change the old player from 2 – 102 so the new player can have 2, once a player has a stat next to his/her name you can not delete them from the system, you can only give them a different jumper number

Can I edit a game before I start?
Yes, if you have a late player change you can update the team sheet by clicking on matches, then click on the match then hit edit button, delete or add a player

Why do we have ground conditions?
If you have a wet day you can go back to another saved game that was played in the wet & see who played well in those conditions. It may be a help for team selection reasons

Can I change the keyboard layout & stats?
No it is locked – But you can change the value of the player ranking points.

Can I delete a stat?
Yes you can. On iPad you can swipe left on a stat to display the delete button and on Android you will see a red X to delete the stat. You cannot delete a stat when you change quarters or end a game. Please refer to the video (time reference 3.59)

Can I send player reports?
If you have added an email address for a player you can send the player an email from the app with their player report. Please refer to the video for more information.

If I update my tablet, can I change it over to the new one?
If you swap like for like (Android for android or iPad for iPad) then yes, if you change operating platforms then you will need to re-purchase the app. However your stats will be retained once logged in.

How long does it take to set up after purchase?
With club info & player info approx 30 Minutes – this is a once only

Is there a limit on the number of players I can enter?
There are no restrictions on players and all fields are unlimited.
Although if you put more than 22 players on the report it will go to 2 pages (4 in total)

What happens if I have no wifi or service/coverage?
You can still record the game as per usual but you will not be able to view or print of game reports until you have coverage.

What is the sync button?
As all stats are stored in the cloud the app requires an internet connection. The sync button only needs to be used if you are taking stats and cannot connect to the internet. When you have a game saved on the app and re-connect to the internet you will need to click on the sync button to push the stats to the cloud. You will not be able to view reports without syncing the stats to the cloud.

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